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DigitalMirror Fashion for Splash: our outcomes!

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The challenge in designing a new concept store for Splash, famous clothing brand  in the Pacific area, was to maintain an harmonious environment displaying different brands.

Gibam Shops, GibamVision partner within Gibam Group, has succeeded by developing a new concept born from the Arch. Giuseppe Cascino’ s  design. But what makes very special the Muscat store, in Dubai, is the link that the brand has engaged with the “Social Network world” through the introduction of the DigitalMirror Fashion.

The news was welcomed by the customers of this store with great enthusiasm! Two DigitalMirror totems, from January 2012, have recored 1430 users, collected 415 email addresses and registered 1015 publications on Facebook.

All these are the results that confirm the great potential of our product in marketing!

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