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The divelopment in the world of Digital Signage screens

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The service company IHS (International Hardware and Software) released its report on the development of Digital Signage in the world.

The exponential increase ,in the number of digital signage displays located throughout the world , was great! Should we be surprised?!

An estimated growth continues through 2016. Specifically, it increased by 12.6% in 2012, reaching 17.3 million screens installed. A number expected to rise each year, to reach 25.8 million in 2016. Digital technologies are used by the LCD screens of 40, 42 or 46 inch touch screen and ultra-light devices outodoor.

GibamVision respond to this trend through a service of Digital Signage LCD screens, plasma or projected video, with content managed by GibamVision applications, via computer and editable quickly and efficiently.

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