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It seems impossible, but the mirrors are back!

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The communication and the sharing of technology development activities are essential in the twenty-first century.

Fashion has always played an important role in society, being  charming, good- looking , showing simplicity and naturalness... are qualities that have being  spreading  through the present technology.

Sometimes it happens that you can feel fashion, it’s  exciting, it changes and conditions our way of living and thinking. Making fashion is a true creating process: starting from inspiration and reaching the realization of the item of clothing .

Unfortunately it is not sufficient only to create and produce, it’s very important also communicating, informing and spreading.

The traditional media have always been represented by magazines and fashion shows, but what makes the difference in any occasion is the testimonial: a very efficient way of communication, a concentration of hidden messages to better attract customers attention.
Today it is not enough to rely only on traditional media but it is necessary to disclose any kind of trends in real time via Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, YouTube.

The combination of fashion and technology goes beyond all social networks . It  seems to be impossible, but the mirrors are back to talk about!
Thanks to the application of Digital Fitting, the Fashion DigitalMirror Fashion device turns into a real virtual fitting dressing - room. It’s unbelievable, trying on our favorite clothes and wearing them with a simple touch.

The mirror speaks but it also takes pictures that can be shared immediately.

The DigitalMirror Fashion is a big high-definition screen that allows you to take pictures, to store them  creating so many combinations of clothing through the "application" of the items on the picture previously taken. The combination’s choice of accessories and clothing becomes an amazing  game and wearing all different collections has never been so funny and easy.

The definitive outfits can be photographed and at the same time  shared on social networks  asking your  friends or your boyfriend(/girlfriend) an opinion on the purchase.

Would you like to be innovative and be abreast with the times? Choose DigitalMirror Fashion!