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GibamVision has launched a competition for the creation of a digital display, in partnership with the University of Ferrara

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Gibam Shops is constantly looking for technological innovations to be ahead in an ever-changing market like that of shop furniture.
With this aim, together with the Architecture Department of the University of Ferrara, Gibam Shops created a ‘Design Award ' for the realization of a Concept tool for display  to be used by retailers.

This competition has been very successful and we have received very interesting projects.

The four selected works were:
- ST327 designed by Manuel Giovanni Bernardini, Nicola Mantovani, Loic Nadal.
The project  sees the development of Smarttower , a multi-media display for the sale and promotion of natural cosmetics . Smarttower performs the dual function of products displayer and tester for top-quality products  which are simultaneously transmitted on a screen.

- FA913 designed by Francesco Maria Bosi and Alessandro Presti.
The project led to the creation of enox, a display for wines to be placed in strategic locations at important events such as fairs, congresses, conventions, etc.. enox wants to be a luxury brand  and is designed for demanding users who look for elite products.

- PR007 designed by Paolo Ragazzi and Filippo Petrocchi.
The project involves the construction of alpha, a display for  the sale of top quality condoms made with a sleek, minimalist and sober design which perfectly blends with more classical lines. The display was created to offer new shopping experiences , promoting the sale of alpha branded products with the aim of providing adequate privacy.

- AR013 created by Ilaria Rizzi and Medea Alderuccio.
The project sees the creation of Clover, a display aiming at the innovative presentation of  natural cosmetics where also the choice of materials used for the structure evokes the genuineness of the products they promote.

The jury met and soon we will find out the names of the winners.
We wish to thank the four groups who took part to the competition for their commitment and the originality of their projects .