news \ Optics : the growing demand for customized displays


GDOWEEK Layout magazine explores the changing related to optics stores especially the demand for multimedia and interactive solutions: the DMO

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Recently, the eyewear industry has undergone big changes . This very specific field has been able to carve out a niche even in the large-scale distribution market.

But to the " discount " approach has been added the qualitative approach which focuses on the customer service. The demand of shop-fittings is for elegant furniture, backlit glass shelves , metal stands , design displays , mirrors and graphics that make the environment unique.

Anticipating the market requests, GibamVision developed the Digital Mirror Optical to meet the demands for interactivity and multimedia tools.

An interactive system that combines marketing and service, where customers can mirror and review his pictures trying different kind of glasses on finally sharing the pictures (with the store’s logo) on social networks thus achieving a viral effect that will give great visibility to the point of sale.

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