The owner of Sacher optic shop, Paolo Traù, tells us about his experience with the Digital Mirror Optical

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What made you decide to purchase the DMO? I had already tried other data acquisition systems and I think that a digital instrument can be supportive to the store, but until now I had never found the right tool. The images that were created were not very similar to reality and were useful only in a few  cases when customers had serious visual deficiencies. When I was offered the DMO I found it very interesting. Customers can play with it by themselves, they are interested in the Social Network and in the images posting. The sending of the pictures  is a great tool and I would like to use it also for the circulation of images when the store is closed.

What kind of clients approach the DMO? Surely young people and children, aged 13 to 40. The people who are mostly attracted by technology, those who live in the technological age. Also the elders  are intrigued by the instrument and we personally  guide them to the best  use of it.

Have you figured out some curious event with the DMO? It happened to be visited by people who had received the pictures  of my clients, asking to see and buy exactly the same kind of glasses they saw on the pictures. Lately my clients prefer sending pictures by-email, rather than by the social network which are probably too much exposed  nowadays.

What are the advantages obtained by the DMO? The images and the instrument itself help clients to perceive that our store offers  modern and  updated services. The perception of technology is useful especially for those clients who are naturally closer to these kind of devices. Often, when the shop is full of clients, we use it as a means of entertainment with visual tests. In the future I would like to use it as an internet point, i.e. to read the newspaper, if this is what the  client needs. I think it is a kind of additional service that can definitely help the sale.

We thank Mr. Paolo of the Sacher optic shop for the time he spent with us.