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The experience of Nicola with his DMO

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We met Mr. Nicola, manager of “Visiva” optic shop, and asked him to talk about his experience with his Digital Mirror Optical.

Placed in the entrance of the shop, Digital Mirror Optical - in the Bit Totem version -  is immediately visible to everyone who enters the store. Nicola approached the DMO casually, he saw some pictures of the product  and asked Gibam Vision to have a free demonstration of it.
Since that day he could not do without .

All the customers entering the shop can’t help looking at this technological device.
The young do not need many information to use it, uploading the pictures and sharing them on the social networks , while the elderly often need assistance to approach it.
But all of them are pleasantly intrigued and amused  by this modern instrument.

Nicola tells us that besides being a useful support to entertain customers while waiting their turn, the  Digital Mirror Optical is an easy and useful tool to be used for marketing campaigns.
I.e. in the festivity periods he uploads images of spectacle frames, advertising cards and well-wishing postcards mixing them in the DMO monitor. Furthermore, during the closing time of the store, the Digital Mirror Optical becomes a lively and animated business card, giving dynamism and color to the store.

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