news \ The evolution of consumers in their choice of purchase


The Shopper Engagement Study analyses consumer trends and this is how to influence during their choice of purchase

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A recent survey carried out on behalf of Popai United States, and aiming at retailers, display manufacturers and in-store marketing experts of the American market shows the evolution of consumer behaviour when making a purchase decision.
This is an in-depth analysis of modern consumers, with a view to understanding how their behaviour has evolved over the years and what factors mostly influence their purchasing decisions nowadays.

Based on a series of major studies and analyses that date back to 1995, the Shopper Engagement Study has identified five key elements that "in-store and shopper marketers" must bear in mind when developing consumer-oriented programmes:

1. Today more that ever, decisions are taken inside the store
2. Using in-store display is crucial for the purchase, Digital Signage represents an excellent communication opportunity
3. Retailers are not yet making the most of the many opportunities offered them to improve "in-store experience"
4. Unaware consumers must be turned into conscious and convinced buyers
5. Consumers that use credit cards are more likely to buy on impulse and they make more decisions inside the point of sale.