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Facebook is now used all over the world and reaches millions of users.

This phenomenon has grown exponentially all over the world and is a platform created for sharing experiences (including retail experiences), creating relationships and promoting social interaction between individuals and companies.

In Italy, more than a third of the population has a Facebook account, comprising all age groups and with no particular gender differences. The most significant growth trends in Italy are now being recorded in the middle/high age groups.

Digital Mirror fits in strategically between the network, users and retail outlets. This product allows customers to talk about their pruchasing experience, sharing pictures, videos and comments on Facebook and the other main social networks.

This tool encourages the spread of user experience and allows the retail outlet to reach potential purchasers. In this way customers become the best "celebrity spokespeople" of the retail outlet, sharing their shopping experience and thanks to their in-store presence and social network sharing, they guarantee clear back-up to our sales operations and the products they are purchasing.

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