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A recent research has shown the great changes that are taking place in the digital world

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POPAI Italia, in collaboration with Smart Research, has conducted a survey into the widespread use of mobile phones in Italy and QR codes.

The results have highlighted the fact that there are more mobile phones than inhabitants in 97 countries in the world.
In Italy, in the 18 to 65 year range that was analysed, one Italian out of two owns a smartphone and this number has grown extremely fast when we think that only in November there was one out of three.

Recent Audiweb data show a fact that may seem surprising at first glance, in that it appeared that the time spent in front of the PC has decreased by 10% and the number of web pages viewed has actually dropped by 11.6%.

This could seem like a mistake, but the reason for this is that we are increasingly becoming bigger "multi-media users in multiple utilities", i.e. we make an increasing use of mobile phones and tablets in addition to PC's

This has encouraged the development of new and ever-evolving applications (App) and "objects", capable of livening up our loyal companions at work and during our ever more frequent use of public transportation.

One of the most interesting of these objects is the QR (Quick Response) Code, which is increasingly familiar, so much as that about 60% of us know what they are because we have seen them or because we have used them.

These codes could be used profitably for promotion activities, for "out of home" communication or even for selling if, as it resulted from the research, 52% of the population interviewed would scan them anywhere and that 38% of the people who tend to buy online show the same attitude to purchase via the web through their mobile phones.