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Claims made by Lyle Bunn

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According to a leading market analyst in the field of dynamic media, Lyle Bunn (analyst, consultant and trainer), 2013 will be the year of Digital Signage.

An increase in turnover of more than 20% and the acquisition of awareness of the high potential of the medium will be the two key points for the coming year (catastrophic prophecies aside...).

Bunn's claims appeared on Digital Signage Today, a well-known industry website. Mr. Bunn claims that the companies who operate using this technology will be successful and will continue to invest in research and development.

Those involved with this work are told to:                             

-identify potential users of the device

- understand what types of messages to convey, when and where to present content.

Bunn also claims that Digital Signage itself will increase: the return on investment guaranteed by these systems will bring about new projects ensuring that Digital Signage establishes itself as one of the most effective and economical communications solutions.

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