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Key words: spreading, sharing, word of mouth

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Digital Mirror is the digital tool that allows you to step into the interactive and virtual world, breaking down the social and temporal barriers between the internet and the retail outlet.

There are many advantages to using it:
- it allows for the improvement of the customer's shopping experience by supporting them when trying on the product, giving them the chance to share photos, videos and comments on the main social networks;

- it gives the shop a new social dimension, a combined physical and digital location;

- it activates word of mouth mechanisms, contributing to the viral diffusion of the brand and increasing visibility;

- it incentivises visits by potential new customers and stimulates motivations;

- it spreads awareness of the retail outlet not just to family members and "physical" friends but also to online contacts. If a customer has only 200 Facebook friends and if 10 of these use it, the shop has a visibility of approximately 2,000 people per day;

- it allows for the creation of a free customer database, complying with privacy laws, for marketing and loyalty initiatives such as newsletters, sms, promotional flyers, etc...

- it is accompanied by social media marketing services and tools to support the retailer in creating and managing a community of those interested in his or her shop;

- it does require investment but this will be paid back in no time at all..

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