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A study by the Integer Group, one of the largest agencies that deal with the marketing for the food retail, has shown that there are two main factors that influence the shopping experience of consumers in a grocery store :

  • discounts and promotions
  • in-store advertisements on digital signage screens

"With the economic crisis of recent times, consumers are increasingly conscious of their purchases, even in the food sector, especially women. The research highlights that 84% of women in charge of food expenditure is careful, while in men is 48%.

The consequences of the crisis have led to dramatically reduce the so-called "impulse purchases" promptly prepare a shopping list. Research reveals that other factors may influence consumer behavior:

  • 66% of respondents declared that they be persuaded by the sales promotion on the purchase of products;
  • 57% instead is influenced by advertising that goes on digital screens.

The conclusion is that a shopkeeper, exploiting the potential of Digital Signage can make customers buy some products more than those that were set.

Thanks to the screen in fact, it may be recalled to the consumer an product that maybe he had forgotten to add the shopping list, is also possible to suggest items for "pamper" themselves or emphasize the value of a product through a video.

A suggestion for every retailer: do not be afraid of innovation, leverages technology to your advantage!