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DigitalMirror Fashion is a digital mirror with which you can try on clothes and have fun, also giving the possibility to share in real time your purchases with friends and relatives, thanks to the upload of pictures and video clips on the main Social Networks. This "virtual fitting room" is perfect for every fashion shop.

DigitalMirror Fashion allows you to:

  • Take pictures;
  • Register videoclips;
  • Send images by e-mail;
  • Share pictures and videoclips on Facebook;
  • Publish your video on Youtube;
  • Check you multimedia catalogues;
  • Virtually try-on clothes.

The user-friendly interface makes DigitalMirror Fashion quick and intuitive to use, so your client will live the experience of a photographic set, apart from the fact that the visibility of your point of sale will be enhanced by the web sharing. DigitalMirror Fashion is consisting of 42" screen and HD video camera that will make you enter the interactive world.

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Increase your contacts

Use Digital Mirror, increase your visibility and create your client's database

Digital Mirror, a virtual mirror that enhances the visibility of your point of sale by sharing pictures and videos by e-mail or through the Social Networks. Ask for a catalogue right now!

Amuse yourself with the touch

See your mirror image, walk and take your own picture with a touch

We take care of all details in Digital Mirror and give support to the client for its choosing of the fashion products, that he/she will be able to see again, compare, share. Enter and discover the power of the device!

Digital Fitting

DigitalMirror Fashion transforms itself into a virtual fitting room.

Digital Mirror Fashion allows to create a photographic set by choosing your favorite clothes and virtually wearing it with a simple touch. Digital Fitting, an application that allows the DigitalMirror Fashion to be "transformed" in a virtu

Interactive catalogues

Transform interactively your catalogues

An ideal service that allows you to load directly on DigitalMirror Fashion catalogues, fashion show clips, complete collections, photographic books. Your point of sale will constantly be able to show all your products. A continuos, digital and inter

Customization and development

Choose the most suitable application for your shop!

GibamVision offers interactive mirrors, interactive signage for shops with customised applications and design. Enter and discover how!

Customise your design

Design is essential in your point of sale: GibamVision can produce the DigitalMirror that will answer to your requirement.

GibamVision offers interactive mirrors, interactive signage for shops with customised applications and design. Enter and discover how!