Our company and us

The interactivity and the multimedia character of GibamVision devices

GibamVision, the youngest of the companies of Gibam Group, was born three years ago with the aim to fullfill the request for multimedia and interactive solutions in the retail shopping sector, that are today a real must for the creation of spaces where the shopping experience can really be felt and touched.

We produce software and interactive furniture able to satisfy any and every need.

All the Digital Mirror and Digital Interactive Signage devices are customizable in their design as well as in the development of applications dedicated to specific requests, having always one common denominator: versatility.

Philosophy & Values

GibamVision has always been animated by a philosophy: to be able to entusiasmare through products that stand out for their quality, technology and exclusive design.

Our goal is to create added value to the sale of products for both the retailer and the client, the first that can create around its activity a sort of virtual community, the second that will live its purchase as a multi-sensorial activity.

The quality of the products, the safety and the passion we put in our work are founding values of our company's culture.

Our team

GibamVision, apart from being a company, is also a group of people who cooperate to offer an accurate and attentive service to every client. Every one is needed, everyone's qualities are our added value and the key to our success.

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